South West Coast Path - Accommodation Guide

There is a huge variety of accommodation along the South West Coast Path. If you are walking for several days in a row then you will need to book accommodation well ahead, especially in the high season. This accommodation guide should help with planning each day’s walking. It is very important so that you walk manageable chunks of the path. Gone are the days when you could show up in a sleepy seaside village and knock on the door of a B&B with the expectation of a soft bed to lay your head down on. With the advent of the internet and online booking, the most popular places can be fully booked weeks or months ahead. Click the sections below to view Hotels and B&B, Hostels and campsites

B&B Hotel Hostel Accommodation Guide

Hotels, B&Bs and Guesthouses

There is a huge variety of accommodation along the coast path, from fancy 5 Star hotels to traditional seaside Bed and Breakfast establishments. They start from about £30 per person per night. You usually get doubles, twins and family rooms. Single rooms are more difficult to find and often have a premium price. You normally get a cooked breakfast to set you on your way in the morning, but not always.

Hotel Accommodation Guide Listing search

Love it or hate it, this site has loads of different accommodation to suit all tastes.


I stayed at several AirBnBs whilst walking the South West Coast Path. This website allows property owners to rent out a single room, an apartment or a whole house. You will probably not get a breakfast included but you should be able to use the kitchen. Prices vary but tend to be about the same as B&Bs.

Hostel Accommodation Guide


There are a mix of YHAs and Independent Hostels all around the Coast Path. Prices vary from £15 per night upwards. Some do breakfasts at very reasonable prices. They normally have dormitory rooms as well as twins, doubles and family rooms. It is always worth while becoming a member of the Youth Hostel Association. You get £3 off per night and a variety of other discounts at shops and other services. Please view this map to see the location of most on the hostels along the route.


If you intend camping, bear in mind that carrying all that equipment can make it hard work. You should try to take the minimum and lightest of kit so that you still enjoy your walking. There are a number of great campsites along the route. A few may need booking ahead.

Free Camping

This is not permitted along the South West Coast Path, but many people still do this. I would always recommend getting permission to camp. Head for a local farmhouse and ask. Another tip is to go into the local pub or village shop and ask if they know any of the local landowners. Have a chat and they will probably let you pitch your tent in their field so long as there is no livestock and you leave the place as you found it. If they say no, then be gracious and try elsewhere.