When to Walk


Please make sure you check the weather before setting off for the day. Being a maritime climate, the weather mostly comes in from the West, from the Atlantic Ocean. Things can change very quickly. It’s not uncommon to have blue skies in the morning followed by a howling hoolie by the afternoon. The wind can be as much of a problem as the rain on the exposed coastlines. The heat can also be a consideration in summer. I walked a couple of days with temperatures over 30c. The only way I could cope with this was by starting off early in the morning and having a siesta. I followed this by walking later into the evening.

Time of Year

The most popular time of year for walking the path is between late March and the end of September. The weather should be more reliable, there are more daylight hours, the paths will be less slippery. 


Along the south coast there are plenty of ferries that need to be used and many of the smaller ones do not run during the winter months.

School holidays

The school holidays make a big difference to how crowded the roads and towns and footpaths will be. It can be difficult to find accommodation at peak times, especially during the main summer break. I generally tried to walk during school term times if possible. This can also mean that extra buses run for the school children, which you can catch too.

Main School Holidays

  • February half term (usually middle of the month)
  • Easter break (any time from the end of March to the end of April depending on moons etc)
  • Spring bank holiday (usually end May- start of June)
  • Main summer holiday (Last week of July, whole of August)
  • Autumn half term (3rd week of October)